The Invasion Angle vs Real Vancouver Writers: Friday October 12th at W2


Dear Vancouver friends,

Hello, this is Evan Munday from Coach House Books. On October 12, two of Canada’s most original writers, Spencer Gordon (Cosmo) and Nathaniel G. Moore (Wrongbar), will join forces with Vancouver writers Elizabeth Bachinsky and Dina Del Bucchia for one of the raddest, most rollicking nights of live literature to hit Vancouver in 2012. More details follow. We hope you can join us!

October 12 – The Invasion Angle takes Vancouver’s Literary Scene
Toronto authors join forces with Vancouver authors for literary super card!

The Invasion Angle is a promotional subtext for professional publishing storyline in Canadian Publishing that begins shortly after the release of Cosmo (Coach House Books, 2012) a collection of short stories by Spencer Gordon. This literary super card on Friday, October 12, is considered by many to be a dream reading with two authors from Toronto (Spencer Gordon andNathaniel G. Moore) and two from Vancouver (Dina Del Bucchia and Elizabeth Bachinsky).

The event will be hosted by Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio fame, who, in a statement on the upcoming reading said, ‘Real Vancouver Writers’ Series is designed to facilitate and encourage literary invasions of all kinds and we are thrilled to welcome two great Toronto-area writers to our stage in Nathaniel G. Moore and Spencer Gordon. Those boys better recognize that Vancouver will be bringing a little noise of its own that night, too, with poets Elizabeth Bachinsky and Dina Del Bucchia doing the west coast poetic representation. Thanks to Tightrope Books, Coach House Books and Evan Munday for being so supportive and amazing.’

Del Bucchia and Moore have teased on their podcast that there will be wardrobe changes during their portions of the show, as well as music, possible YouTube clips and improvised awkwardness. Moore says he will try to read from every book he’s written and plans on writing that evening. Spencer Gordon will read from his debut collection of incendiary malaise- and pop-culture-infused short stories, in which you’ll join Matthew McConaughey as he drives naked across the desert in a surreal dark night of the soul. You’ll meet a young wrestling fan half-nelsoned by circumstances and a sister’s best intentions. You’ll hear a Miley Cyrus admirer defend his passion in a 3,000-word sentence. And you’ll watch an aging porn star don a grotesque dinosaur costume to film the sex scene of his life.

Leading up to the event, photos of the four authors posing as the Beatles on the album cover MEET THE BEATLES were released to promote the event. The reading brings together authors representing Talonbooks, Nightwood Editions, Pedlar Press, Ferno House, Tightrope Books, Coach House Books, and will be sponsored in part by Geist Magazine.

The Invasion Angle
a book launch and reading featuring Spencer Gordon, Nathaniel G. Moore, Elizabeth Bachinsky and Dina Del Bucchia
hosted by Sean Cranbury
Friday, October 12, 2012
W2 Media Cafe, #250-111 W Hastings Street
7 p.m., free

[Other famous invasion angles include: Battle of Crete (Operation Thursday), Beatlemania (1964), WCW/WWF (2001), Operation Desert Storm (1991) and Justin Beiber (2010).]

For more information or a review copy of Cosmo, please contact Evan Munday at 416.979.2217 or

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